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do you ever hate someone so much but you don’t even have a valid reason

you’re just like


And then they give you a reason and its like


  “You could access his memories, assuming there’s no brain damage. Of course you’d have to have an electro magnetic probe placed in the base of your skull whilst immersed without clothing in the old tank, and you’d be heavily drugged.”


Bucky in the 21st Century: Part 2 

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"When men say that they “love to see the woman underneath the makeup,” they’re not saying they want to see your leg stubble and greasy bangs—they’re saying they want you to be better at hiding your maintenance routine. Because the maintenance spoils the fantasy."
- Lindy West  (via bluegirls)

I am so sick of Greyjoys, I want to skip those chapters.

I really hope that entire storyline - or storylines I should say - pay off eventually, because right now??? Zzzzzzzzzzzz