It’s out of her mouth before she even recognizes the impulse.

On the couch, Danny stills, one hand slowly shutting off the TV. Without the light of the screen, his apartment is dark, prompting her to turn on a lamp.

He turns to her, eyes wary, and asks, “What?”

She firms her shoulders and her resolve and repeats, “I said, will you marry me?’

"Jesus, Min!" He’s up off the couch in a heartbeat. "What the hell?!"

Her heart sinks. “Is that… is that a no?” she asks, voice small.

"No! I mean… well, no! But give a guy a chance to get his bearings first."

"Take your time," she says lightly, grinning at his reaction now that he’s denied he’s turning her down.

He paces furiously for a minute. “You know, I coulda had plans for something like this!

"Did you?"

"I had- well, some- I had part of it," he finally spits out.

"Danny!" Mindy throws her arms around him, then leans back to look him in the face. "Do you have a ring?" she demands.

"No," he admits, then smirks. "Do you have one for me?"
┬áHe chuckles at the shake of her head and slowly slides his arms around her waist. “What brought this on? Is it something you’ve been planning?”

She shakes her head again. “I was just sitting there, watching you watch that Civil War documentary and thought, ‘This is how I want to spend the rest of my life, hanging out with the man I love.’ And it just came out.”

His gaze softens and he drops a soft, lingering kiss on her lips. “Then, yes, Mindy, I will marry you.”

She returns his kiss with vigor then pulls back. “Dr. Daniel Lahiri. It has a nice ring to it.”

He grins against her mouth. “So does Dr. Mindy Castellano.”

"How about Lahiri-Castellano?" she counters.

"How about we table this discussion and spend the night celebrating instead?"

She topples him to the couch in agreement.

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